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The Shadow Conspiracy’s new Session backpacks are in stock now!

The Shadow Conspiracy’s latest backpack has arrived! Versatile both on and off the bike, the Session Backpack is a stylish and functional bag, with plenty of spots for all your riding and lifestyle needs. No matter where your bike takes you; whether its rippin’ across town, or traveling the world, this bag has you covered. The large main compartment can fit a helmet and much more, while the fast opening front compartment gives you easy access to your gear. The padded lower compartment is designed to keep cameras and electronics safe and in easy reach. To ensure you have all the essentials to work on your bike, the Session Backpack includes a custom designed coffin shaped tool roll. Six slide-in pockets and a large zipped pocket keep all your tools and extra bits organized while on the road. When rolled up, it attaches to the side of the bag, compact and out of the way.

The Session Backpack is designed with a dedicated compartment for your camera and other electronic devices at the bottom of the bag. Heavily padded with 15mm of EVA all around, this compartment ensures your equipment stays protected. Easy and direct access means you’ll always be ready to capture the action. If you need more space, an added feature is a zippered partition. Open it up, merging with the main compartment and increase the bag volume an additional 25%.

Located on the side of the bag, you’ll find a convenient U-Lock Holster. A slide-in pocket with strap and velcro closure keeps your lock secure under the most extreme riding conditions.

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Shadow Conspiracy Invisa-Lite Pro Insoles make any shoe feel better!

Shadow Conspiracy Invisa Lite Pro insoles make any pair of shoes feel more comfortable and keep riders rippin’ even after the harshest of landings! The Shadow Invisa-Lite Pro Insoles are designed to keep your feet secure and stable, while providing support and impact defense. BMX shoes are notoriously flat with little to no protection in the way of energy absorption inside the shoe. Engineered with an ergonomic shape featuring a deep heel cup and mid arch that evenly distributes weight, alleviating joint stress during the heaviest impacts. The Invisa-Lite Pro Insole come equipped with Stabalite and ShockFoam Impact Proof Protection materials Shockfoam ensures that the force of the impact is ABSORBED, not rebounded while molding to the shape of your foot. Stabalite cushions and stabilizes. Layered together with a moisture wicking upper fabric, all three materials work together to guarantee high performance, protection, durability and ultimate comfort. Click HERE to check out complete info and to purchase your own set of Shadow Invisa Lite Pro insoles.