Shadow Conspiracy B.T.R. rear cassette hubs and accessories available now!

TSC BTR hub 2

The Shadow Conspiracy designed the BTR cassette hub with one purpose in mind, to create the strongest and most reliable hub available to the BMX market! With those stated goals, Shadow then put a focus on the parts of a cassette hub that typically fail most often. Namely the axle and the driver.

AXLE:  For the BTR Shadow used a 17mm inner axle, that is smooth with no threading on the outside for maximum strength, and 14mm bolts. That’s 40% bigger bolts and 22% more axle at near the same weight. The axle is hollow with an 8mm hex broach and slide on hardware that makes maintenance and installing hub guards a breeze. Just slide off the cone and slide on the BTR hub guard of your choice. Even with both drive and non-drive guards installed the hub width maintains 110mm.

DRIVER: Featuring a 17mm axle, Shadow knew the use of a traditional cartridge bearing would’t be durable enough for this project. Instead Shadow uses a super durable polymer bushing, ending the problem of blown driver bearings. Shadow used their proven Raptor driver configuration – 4 CNC’d, heat treated cro-mo pawls and 4 individual leaf springs… and adapted it to the BTR 17mm axle. The pawls all engage simultaneously for solid consistent engagement. Trouble free and easy to maintain.

We carry the Shadow BTR rear cassette hub in a variety of colors. We also sell all replacement parts for these hubs as well. Click HERE to see available colors, hub guards, drivers, and other accessories!

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