Shadow Conspiracy Raptor hubs new lower price, same great quality!

0001TSC Raptor Hubs std

The Shadow Raptor hub has been around now for a few years which is long enough to know these sealed bearing hubs are some of the smoothest rolling, best looking, and most durable hubs you can buy. These hubs are now available at a lower price including the newest Shadow hub the SDS rear cassette which features RHD/LHD switchable drive in the same hub! Click HERE to view color options, and to purchase your own Shadow Raptor hubs! These exact hubs are ridden by many top pros who depend on the Shadow Raptor hubs to perform under pressure. We also carry a complete line of hub guards, drivers, and other spare parts required to keep this hub running smoothly. You can lace up your own wheels using these Shadow Raptor hubs, or buy a complete Shadow Conspiracy Corvus wheel ready to ride out of the box. If you want to customize a wheel and have us build it, you pick the hub, rim, and spoke color (sorry only black spoke nipples available) and we’ll build it for you for free! *All custom wheels require complete payment up front before custom wheel build will begin. No exceptions. Thank you!

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