Subrosa Combat light sets look cool while helping you see better at night.

Subrosa Combat lights help keep you street legal at night while helping you to see better! In almost every city around the world, riding a bicycle at night without a light is illegal. Fortunately for you, Subrosa has something that will help you from getting a ticket from law enforcement and help keep you safe! The Subrosa “Combat” lights have 2 LED lights per unit which makes them bright enough to be seen from up to 1950 feet away, but also small enough to be easily taken on and off and put in your pocket when not in use. Soft silicon keeps it impact resistant, and a smaller strap length makes it fit on all types of bars, as well as other tubing found elsewhere on your bike.

The Subrosa Combat light sets come in black, clear, and orange and feature white front lights and red rear lights. The Subrosa Combat lights feature much stronger LED lights that are visible up to 1950 feet away. Covered with a durable water resistant silicone body. 14 lumen light provides 38 hours of steady light or 175 hours of flashing light. 3 different light modes: steady, fast flash, & slow flash. Powered by 2 coin cell CR2032 batteries which can be easily replaced when needed. Click HERE to view complete spec info and to order your own set.

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