The Subrosa Genetic grips are a great choice for your next set of grips available with or without flanges. Click HERE to see available colors, and to order your own set now. Includes Subrosa NYLON bar ends (a $5 value). These grips are brand new and never used or mounted. Unique rib pattern design is super soft and feels amazing on your hands. Soft and durable DCR formula. Medium circumference. 170mm length.

The Subrosa Genetic Grip was designed with Nick Bullen to include the unique details that suit his riding style as well as provide the everyday rider an extraordinarily functional and great feeling grip. Nick designed a longer grip to match the popularity of brakeless, uncut, wide bars. Offers a small thin flange that does not effect the catch of the an errant throw of the bars. An amazing rib pattern that’s comfortable and able to handle more sweat on warm days, with Nick Bullen designed graphics, bring this grip into a category of its own.

The DCR grip formula was created with two things in mind, superb durability as well as superior comfort. Subrosa was able to tweak the blend of their existing grip rubber by adjusting the levels of rubber, oils, resins, & fillers that made up the actual rubber blend. By doing this Shadow was able to create their own rubber formula that had two characteristics that aren’t normally associated with each other: The perfect grip feel as well as outstanding durability.

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